My experience shooting with Anita was an absolute pleasure. For me, being someone with very little experience on the front side of a camera, I was amazed at how Anita made me feel confident and immediately comfortable. I was future amazed at how she captured this comfort in every shot. The finished product was far and above what I ever imagined.

-Sarah C.

"The shoot was so fun and liberating! I was so comfortable with her by the first fourth of the photos that I almost forgot the camera was there and felt more like I was looking at her. I wouldn't go anywhere else for shots. People may not see the real me if I do!"

-Courtney N.

Anita is a print focused portrait photographer based in the Greater Los Angeles area.

Being first exposed to photography in her high school darkroom class at 16, she quickly became mesmerized with the process of creating an image - being part of its development from start to finish. There was something almost magical to her about not only using her camera to capture the smallest image blueprint of whatever was in front of the lens, but then to go into the darkroom and make that image seem larger than life within a 2D plane. Over time, Anita realized that when she felt most connected to her photography was when she was photographing people. Different faces, different colors, shapes, looks, and sizes. Each person their own unique individual story. She enjoyed the moment that she and the other person shared to create a portrait, the story they shared with their eyes, and most of all their reaction at the end, seeing themselves as they are - larger than life.

All of this to say, Anita always looks forward to the time she gets to spend face to face with you above all in each portrait session. She can't wait to know your story!

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